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Senior Living Apartments: Key Factors to Consider for a Happy Retirement

Updated: May 30

As people grow older, living independently may become more difficult. However, seniors can still maintain their independence with senior living apartments while getting the care they need through access to the proper services and amenities.

Senior living apartments are designed to provide seniors with a safe and secure living environment. These modern, luxury apartments provide seniors access to all the amenities and services they need to enjoy their golden years and age in place gracefully. From specialized amenities to tailored services, senior living apartments offer various care options to meet the needs of seniors.

This blog will overview senior living apartments and the key factors to consider when choosing the right one for yourself or a loved one. Whether you are a senior, a loved one, or a caregiver, this guide will help you make informed decisions and find the ideal living arrangement that fits your needs.

What are Senior Living Apartments?

Senior living apartments are a popular housing option for older adults who are looking for an independent living situation with a strong sense of retirement living communities, as well as access to amenities and services that support their health and well-being in a comfortable setting that allows seniors the opportunity to socialize and engage with others as they age in place, gracefully.

Apartments for seniors are typically designed with safety and accessibility in mind, with special features such as a Granite Shower with Bench, Custom Vanity, Emergency Call Button in the bathroom, non-slip floors, and wider doorways and hallways that can accommodate mobility devices like walkers or wheelchairs. They often provide access to local medical facilities, shopping centers, and other essential services, making it easier for residents to access the necessary resources.

Who Should Consider Senior Living apartments?

Senior living apartments are an excellent option for older adults who value their independence and seek a safe and supportive living environment that provides a range of amenities and services tailored and adaptive to their current and changing needs.

In addition, these apartments may be suitable for seniors looking to downsize from their current homes and reduce the burden of household maintenance tasks, as well as those who require some assistance with daily living activities or access to medical care.

Additionally, senior living apartments can be an excellent choice for older adults who want to enjoy a strong sense of community and engage in social activities with like-minded individuals. Most senior living apartments offer communal dining areas, exercise rooms, libraries, and scheduled activities and events, making it easier for residents to socialize and make new friends.

Types of Living Spaces Available in Senior Living Apartments

The types of living spaces available in senior living apartments can vary depending on the community. Generally, senior living apartments offer several living spaces, including a studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom suites. These living spaces are designed to meet the needs and preferences of seniors who may require different levels of space and privacy.

1. Studio Apartments

Studio apartments are typically the smallest and least expensive option for seniors. These apartments usually come with a kitchen, bathroom, and living area. Some layouts also have balconies or patios.

2. Studio Deluxe

Studio Deluxe typically refers to a type of apartment slightly larger than a standard studio apartment and includes a kitchen, bathroom, and living area with the option of a courtyard patio, balcony, or deck.

3. One-Bedroom Apartments

One-bedroom apartments are slightly larger than studio apartments and have a small kitchen, dining area, and living area. These units generally have balconies or patios.

4. Two-bedroom Apartments

Two-bedroom apartments are larger than one-bedroom and have a full kitchen, two bedrooms, bathroom, dining area, and living area. In addition, these units often have balconies or patios.

Amenities available in Senior Living Apartments

The amenities provided by senior apartments may vary depending on various factors. For example, senior luxury apartments like Victorian Gardens often offer more recreational or entertainment amenities, while other facilities may opt for more basic amenities.

Below is a general breakdown of some of the amenities:

Basic Amenities Social

  • Fitness centers and wellness programs

  • Social and recreational activities

  • Transportation services

  • Libraries and computer centers

  • Dining options, such as community meals or in-room meal delivery

Kitchen Amenities

  • Two-Burner Stovetop Range

  • Microwave

  • Refrigerator

  • Custom Cabinets

  • Granite Countertops

Bathroom Amenities

  • Granite Shower with Bench

  • Custom Vanity

  • Emergency Call Button

Community Amenities

  • Full-Service Spa & Beauty Shop

  • Courtyard Putting Green

  • Courtyard Cafe and Shuffleboard

  • Laundry Facilities

  • Safety Deposit Boxes

  • Fit for Life Fitness Center

  • Outdoor Walking Park

  • Hilltop Lounge

  • Library with comfortable seating

  • Art & Craft Studio

  • Billiard & Game Room

  • Craft Kitchen

Key factors to consider about Senior Living Apartments

When considering senior living apartments, there are many key factors to make the right decision for yourself or a loved one. Senior living apartments provide luxury amenities such as a spacious living area, a comfortable bedroom, and a wide range of activities to keep residents engaged and active.

These are some key factors to consider when selecting the right senior living apartments:

1. Amenities

Consider the availability of local amenities, such as shopping, restaurants, and recreational activities. A senior living apartment that provides its residents with easy access to these amenities can improve your quality of life and provide opportunities for socialization.

Regarding luxury apartment amenities, you should look for outdoor seating and landscaping, private patios, and other recreational areas. Also, consider additional features such as private shuttle services, concierge services, and 24-hour security. Additionally, some senior living apartments may offer amenities such as on-site medical care, scheduled meal delivery, and housekeeping services.

2. Location

Location is among the most important factors when selecting a senior living apartment. The ideal location for a senior living apartment should include easy access to public transportation, grocery stores, medical offices, and other necessary amenities. It should also be in a safe and suitable neighborhood for seniors.

It can help maintain seniors' independence and ensure the community meets their needs. Also, consider a senior living apartment near them to maintain close relationships with family and friends. It makes it easier for them to visit you and for you to visit them.

3. Safety

Seniors should always feel secure in their living environment, so safety is important. Look for buildings equipped with security features like security cameras, secure entry systems, and fire safety systems. It's also important to look for an apartment with a good reputation for safety so you can feel comfortable in your new home.

4. Accessibility

For seniors, accessibility is an important factor when choosing a senior living apartment. Look for one well-equipped with elevators, wheelchair ramps, accessible bathrooms, and wide hallways to accommodate walkers and wheelchairs.

It's also beneficial to make sure that the building is handicap accessible in case of an emergency. Additionally, it is important to ensure that there are no stairs or steep inclines that could present a safety hazard.

5. Quality of life

Quality of life is important when selecting a senior living apartment. Ensure that your apartment is comfortable, safe, and well-maintained. Additionally, look for apartments with comfortable common areas, such as comfortable furniture, an inviting atmosphere, and various amenities, including a fitness center, swimming pool, and other recreational activities.

Living close to public transportation, grocery stores, and other services can make life much easier for seniors.

6. Cost

Determine the cost of the senior living apartment, including any additional fees and expenses, and whether it fits within your budget. Consider what is included in the monthly fee and whether there are any additional costs.

It is important to consider the included services, such as meal delivery, transportation, and on-site medical or personal care services. It is also important to look at the rental agreement and what additional costs may be associated with the apartment.

7. Reputation and Reviews

When selecting a senior living apartment, reputation and reviews are among the most important factors. It is important to read reviews from past and current tenants to get an idea of the level of service, the quality of the living space, and the overall satisfaction of the people who have lived there.

Doing your research ahead of time can help you better understand the apartment's reputation and reviews and allow you to make an informed decision.

8. Contract and Policies

It is also important to carefully review the contract and policies for the senior living apartment. Read through the entire contract and ask questions about any unclear areas by ensuring that you understand all of the terms and conditions of the agreement and that you are comfortable with the rules and regulations of the apartment.

Additionally, it is important to check the policies of the senior living apartment, as these can provide further information and insight into the living conditions and available services.

9. Social opportunities

Social opportunities are also a key factor to consider. Many senior living communities offer a variety of activities, such as fitness classes, game nights, and social outings. These activities are excellent ways to stay connected to the community, build friendships, and stay active.

Additionally, look for apartments that offer a variety of clubs and groups, such as art clubs and gardening clubs, which can help seniors make friends and create a sense of community.

How much do senior living apartments cost?

It's important to note that some senior living apartments offer a range of pricing options, including all-inclusive packages or pay-as-you-go plans, which can help fit the cost within a range of budgets.

Depending on the location and amenities desired, senior apartments can significantly vary in cost. The rental population of seniors is growing nationwide and is projected to make up 31% of renters by 2035.

When considering the cost of senior living apartments, it's important to factor in the level of care needed, the quality of the community, the amenities offered, and any potential financial assistance or insurance coverage.

Social researching and comparing multiple senior living communities is a good idea to find the best fit for your needs and budget.


Senior living apartments provide an excellent option for older adults who want to maintain independence, socialize with peers, and enjoy a safe and comfortable living environment. When considering senior living apartments, it's important to consider factors such as location, accessibility, amenities, services, and cost.

Additionally, seniors should consider their future needs and choose a community that can accommodate their changing health and mobility needs. By considering these factors and carefully researching and touring different senior living communities, older adults can find a living space that meets their unique needs and enhances their quality of life.

Are you interested to know more about senior living apartments? We invite you to explore the senior living community at Victorian Gardens, Eureka, MO, to discover amenities that align with your lifestyle.

You can also contact us to book a tour or request more information.


What are the benefits of senior living apartments?

Senior living apartments offer a range of benefits to older adults, including socialization, safety and security, convenience, and access to health and wellness services.

Many senior living apartments also offer on-site amenities such as fitness centers, beauty salons, and community events, making it easy for residents to stay active and engaged.

Are senior living apartments affordable?

How secure are senior living apartments?

Are senior living apartments only for seniors who need assistance with daily living activities?

What types of amenities and services are typically available in senior living apartments?

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